Mode of shipping

Focussing in International Freight Forwarding, multi-modal (Air, Sea and Land) transportation, trucking and warehousing...

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The ocean at your fingertips - Sun Paradise brings you point to point with our comprehensive freight forwarding coverage over all major ports worldwide.


Supply chain is the nerve system of logistic. Our intricate yet cost effective distribution management system ensures that all stages of the chain in the grid work seamlessly.

air freight

Going airborne with us, every single shipment is being locked on GPS enabled e-tracking systems that ensure your goods location and status can be traced real-time anywhere on the planet as far as Google can reach.


Your container is safe on our truck because we have the best driver on the steer. Many have overlooked the importance in this piece of basic transportation services.


Our experienced customs staff have an immaculate record of service. Being able to provide customs clearance in-house for our clients on time.

dry bulk

We provide direct barging services for the transportation of dry bulk mining materials, especially coal.

project cargo

Moving tons daily, we can handle high-density cargos. Our experience team offers dedicated freight management services and solution simplifying complex transportation modes and nodes.


Extensive network of agents and partners all over the world.
Unrivalled and unparalleled services.

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